Q1: Do you supply waterproof led strip lights?      

Yes we do. All of our LED strip lights are available in four versions. When placing your order, you can choose from:  

1.     an IP20 non waterproof type

2.     an IP65 coated type 

3.     an IP67 waterproof type

4.     an IP68 waterproof type 

Q2: How do I position and attach my LED strip lights?                                                                                                                    

1. DC 5v/12v/24v strips(IP20/IP65)

All of our LED strips are supplied with 3M self adhesive tape on the back.Simply clean the wall or other surface where your strips are 

to be fitted,then peel and stick strips into place.

2. DC 5v/12v/24v strips(IP67/68),AC110v/220v strips

Strip have mounted clip and screws, 2 mounted clip for 1 meter strip.

3. Neon strip

    By using the Aluminum profile, neon strip will be fixed on the wall

Q3: Must I order my RGB / RGBW LED strips pre-cut, or can I cut them myself?

Using normal scissors, simply cut along any of the designated cut-points (they’re typically marked with a small scissor icon along the cutting line).  

Please make sure your strip is powered off before cutting!!!


Q4: What colours is your single colour LED tape available in?

Our LED tape single colours are available in the following:

• Warm white (approx 2800k + various colour kelvin requirements)

• Neutral white (4000k)

• Pure white (approx 5500k-6000k  + various other colour requirements)

• Amber

• Red

• Green

• Blue

Q5:Can I bend the LED tape round a 90 degree corner?

Yes you can. Any LED tape that has 60 LED’s per meter or less you can actually loop up the LED tape and fold it back on itself to bend around a

90 degree corner.We would however recommend that Ourleds pre solders a linking cable instead of this as it is more reliable and there is less likely

the chance of damaging the LED tape.


Q6: How far away can I have the transformer from the LED tape?

The transformer can be as far away as you require from the start of the LED tape as long as you use the correct thickness cable. For a distance

of up to 10m you should use at least 1mm cable. For a distance of up to 15m you should use at least 1.5mm cable. For a distance of up to 20m

you should use a cable of at least 2mm thick. For a distance of up to 25m you should use a cable of least 2.5mm thick.

For single color LED tape you would use 2 core cables and for RGB LED tape you would use 4 core cables.

Q7:What is the difference between a driver and a transformer?

Some people use the word driver and others use the word transformer. At QAS LED they are both exactly the same thing. They are a product 

that transforms mains AC110/220v down to either 12v or 24v to run the LED tape. People often use the word driver as it drives (powers) to the 

LED tape.

Q8: What is the difference between a RF remote and a IR remote? 

An RF remote stands for Radio Frequency, this is the signal sent from the wireless controller to the receiver. With RF remote control you do not 

have to have the handheld remote ‘line of site’ with the receiver when using it. You can select your different control options on the handheld 

remote from up to 20m away from the receiver than can even be hidden or fitted behind walls or in cupboards.

An IR remote stands for Infrared, this is the signal from the wireless controller to the receiver. With IR control the handheld remote control has 

to be in line of site of the receiver when using it. This means the receiver cannot be hidden in cupboards or behind false walls etc.

Q9:Can I work out myself how many metres of LED tape I can run off each transformer?
Yes. Working out how many meters of LED tape you can run off a transformer is actually quite simple. The simple equation to work this out is to

take the wattage of the transformer and divide it by the wattage of the LED tape per meter; this will give you the total amount of meters that you

can run off that transformer.

E.G.  A 100w transformer divided by 4.8w per meter is the calculation   100/4.8  =  20.8m, this means you can run up to a maximum of 20.8m of

LED tape off this transformer.

We would always a dvise to leave a small amount of headroom for the transformer of say around 5%. This means running a little less amount of

LED tape from up to the maximum you are allowed to use.


Q10:Can I dim the LED tape?

Yes you can. There are various different ways in which you can but all of our LED tapes can be dimmed one way or another; from using a simple

standard household rotary dimmer (triac dimming) to 0-10v,DMX dimming and more.